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6 SMS Marketing Tips for the Newbie Mobile Marketer
06.02.2013 14:04

long with the sudden and steep revolution in mobile devices comes the need for marketers to go mobile in order to reach more and more customers online. While you have many mobile marketing methods, the best one would be to send text messages to users, inviting them to visit your Website or retail store and take a look at what your business has to offer to them. SMS marketing helps you connect with your existing users, while also potentially enabling you to make new customers.

Sending timely messages to your visitors can help you convert them into loyal customers in no time at all. Here are 6 useful SMS marketing tips for the newbie mobile marketer:

Readers Respond: Is SMS Marketing Always Worth It?1. Avoid Flowery Language

While SMS is a great way to reach out and offer that personal touch to your customers, this system of marketing also comes with its own downsides. The biggest disadvantage here is the limited amount of text space available to you.

Hence, make sure that you avoid unnecessarily flowery language and stick to the point. Be precise about what you are saying and make sure that you come across as a serious seller. Prattling on without a clear aim will only serve to drive your customers farther away from you.


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