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Role SMS reseller plays in SMS marketing business
12.02.2013 11:37

Prior to joining SMS marketing business, you should understand what the business is about, who your clients are and how much profit you could earn. In short, you need to set your SMS advertising basics right and know the nature of job of a SMS reseller.

SMS marketing is the new form of advertising. It is like spreading the word from month. You would send marketing SMSs to the mobile users, who are consumers. SMS advertising is best suited for spreading information like sales messages, discount offers and new launches. SMS service is used by the companies that want to stay in touch with their customers. For instance take real estate groups that look for cheap ways to inform real estate investors about their upcoming realty projects. SMS marketing provides an opportunity to realtors to communicate with millions of mobile users that might be interested in real estate investment.

Another industry that finds SMS advertising useful is service sector. AC mechanics, motor mechanics, electricians and plumbers could use SMS service to spread their contact details and the services they offer. The mobile users could save their phone numbers for future use.

Travel agents and tour operators could also take advantage of SMS marketing. They could use this service to distribute their contact details. Schools and colleges and other educational institutions would find SMS service useful when they need to spread important information like reminding parents of their students about the last date for submitting tuition fees.

As a SMS reseller, you would send SMSs for your clients. The marketing message and the targeted phone numbers would be provided by the clients. You would only send the SMSs. To become a reseller, you need to join a SMS service provider. You could work from your home as it is an Internet based facility. You would access the service provider’s facility through Internet and use the system to flash SMSs.

SMS reseller is trained and equipped by the service provider hence you need not to worry about using the SMS system. Your service provider would train you in operating the software and also the service provider would help you whenever you are in trouble. Join the service provider that has latest SMS software and has an army of software professionals to look after the software.

As a SMS reseller, you would buy bulk texts from the service provider and resell those SMSs to your clients. You would buy SMSs at cheap price and resell those SMSs at a premium. The premium would be your profit.


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