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20.02.2013 11:11

SMS Gateway India – ideal platform for affordable SMS and fax plans
The competition in every field is very high especially in business where new technologies and platforms are being adopted to advertise your services. No longer are the traditional means utilized as it does not give successful results. If you want your business to be grow then proper planning is what required. With the help of our Gateway4SMS channel you will be able to reach to several customers at the same time.
The SMS Gateway India is one of the popular choices of business owners who want to expand their business and create a good impression among the customers. There are plenty of features which can prove fruitful for you.
One of the most excellent features of SMS Gateway India is the SMS plans. We provide connectivity in about 200 countries which means that you can send messages to any country you want at reasonable prices. There are different kinds of plans which include bulk messaging also. According to the number of messages that you want to send you can choose whichever plan is applicable to you. For better result packages can be preferred which include economy package or the premium package as it consumes less time in delivering the messages. API integration can be a brilliant tool for them.
Apart from SMS you also have the voice plans through which you can send a recorded message to all your recipients. The charges will depend upon the package that you pick. There are two packages; first is the one-time use plan while the other is regular usage plan. Any plan that you chose will carry a validity of 30 days and then again it has to be renewed. With SMS Gateway India you can either send a simple text message or even a voice messages can prove to be a useful option.
The customers can now enjoy fax plans through which you can either fax a simple note or you can also attach any file that you wish to send. You don’t need to worry about the compatibility as about 200 formats are supported hence you can send any file or note in whichever format it is. In order to try the fax services of SMS Gateway India, you can go for the 14 days trial service to experience its working and efficiency. This will be a reasonable affair for you and at the same time the quality will be high. So just explore our services and avail the innumerable benefits.



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