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SMS Gateway provider: your way to successful promotion campaigns
01.03.2013 11:23

SMS Server service rendered through SMS gateway software can help business people to receive and send messages online at a nominal cost

With the advent of technology along with a continuous growth in the business front, it has become extremely important to use effective and yet cheap communication channels. Short messages are one of those popular options that today’s marketers use globally. Besides being cost-effective, this service can take personalized messages to the target audience and thereby increases the conversion factor of any investment in the marketing campaign.

It selects the best Gateway options for its users. SMS gateways are SMS Servers, which come with easy to use interface for the users. These special applications make it convenient to send messages and receive SMS messages on mobile phones directly from the computers. The phone can be using a GSM modem or another to be connected to the computer.

APIs send SMSs, and they make applications work better and faster for business functions. APIs are easily integrated. They work along with SMS gateway to provide quality-messaging services.

Telephone carrier companies backup the services of a SMS gateway provider. Each country has its own set of carriers through which the Message sending company is able to provide best services to its clients. Carriers of any other country are not considered for use in the home country where services are being provided by a Message sending company. The company finds that lot of interruptions occur in cases where carriers are not supported with good servers that can give quality service to clients all over the world. Message service provider offers special SMS gateway software for enabling SMS services and running successful SMS campaigns. SOAP/XML API supports the SMS provider’s development environment. This allow for the transfer of all XML data via SOAP, HTTP-POST through internet. A direct or indirect, secured or otherwise, communication is established with Message sending company gateway. This is made possible when API allows it to be so. Messages received or sent can be simple text messages or in mixed format.

There different ways in which XML details are transported through text message API. These methods could be any one out of the following: Via FTP, Via SOAP 1.1 web service or Via HTTP-POST. Complex issues faced during dealings with the Gateway Protocols of a SMS provider can be avoided through smart programming techniques. Text message API created with Java is compatible with all platforms, which have Java in them. The server gets encrypted link, SSL, through this product.

All machines that have installation of interpreters are compatible with PHP applications. PHP is a language, which is interpreted. Proxy server is used for communication. API communicates with the SMS gateway provider’s gateway through port 80 or 443 if encrypted SSL is there. This communication is made possible with the help of proxy server. Bulk SMSs are possible with Gateways. You save both time and money with help from superior technology.

For a businessperson it is always necessary to stay ahead in the completion by using minimum effort and cost to run the business profitably. Short messaging options using a SMS gateway software is one such thing that may bring down the cost as well help appreciably to run very successful marketing campaigns.


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